They always interact with the crowd to make sure the fans are having the time of their lives. As usual the songs were performed to “perfection” and the screaming girls were ecstatic. Still something that everyone of them but Michael G Clifford on lead guitar seemed to be missing, was the energy and joy on stage. Calum just seemed plain sad to the point where my thoughts during the show was;it looks like he needs a hug, should i go up there and hug him. Luke seemed tired and i was actually waitng for him to yawn loudly into the mic.

They made a large arena feel just as personal as a small venue, and each person at the show had the time of their life. After playing “What I Like About You” Luke got a bit annoyed at security for moving fans back to their seats, as the whole point was for everyone to be up front and have the best experience possible. All in all, I had a blast and I’m sure everyone in that arena felt the same. As I mentioned before, I was in front row and I can happily say that Í didn’t get pushed or anything during the concert. Transforms into a psychological horror game that also serves as a meta-commentary on the concept of storytelling in fiction — a pretty heady topic you wouldn’t expect from a game with such a cute art style.

Both LLP accounts’ information are made available through the British government page, Companies House. As of mid-2020, the band’s estimated net worth is approximately $81 million . 5 Seconds of Summer have established two known and confirmed companies, both London-based. The initial 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER LLP was created in January 2013, followed by the 5SOS LLP which was established in June 2014. The band also has multiple known Australian touring and business companies.


The two have been totally showing off their love for each other on social media with the most adorable, PDA-filled moments since they went public, and Sierra has joined the boys on the road during their Meet You There and World War Joy tours. Luke and Arzaylea first went public with their love in October 2015. Throughout their time together, fans often accused her of using the singer for fame, which led to a rocky on-and-off relationship between the pair.

In 2016, Michael started dating Crystal and their whirlwind romance has turned into total relationship goals. As fans know, on January 16, 2019, the 5SOS member took to Instagram and announced his engagementto Crystal. They often share their love in PDA-filled posts on social media and she has even become a friend to some of the band’s biggest fans. It’s safe to say the 5 Seconds of Summer boys have had their fair share of relationships. Since their rise to fame, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford have been linked to many lovely ladies over the years and fans have kept close tabs on their love lives. From one-time flings to long-term girlfriends and everything in between, its time to break down each and every relationship the boys ever had.

5 Seconds of Summer are one of Australia’s most successful exports in recent times. They scored a Number 1 single with their debut track She Looks So Perfect in 2014. Before the show i had only ever heard their music on youtube and they reminded me of Lower than Atlantis.

With the success of their previous 5SOS3 and Meet You There tours and coming off the heels of their massive outing with The Chainsmokers, this will be a can’t miss event for fans of the high energy rock band. I had the VIP Soundcheck Experience so I was one of a couple hundred fans who got the opportunity to be a part of this private “hang out” with 5sos. The band played “If You Don’t Know”, answered some questions asked by the fans and then ended with their new single “Girls Talk Boys”.


THEY SOUND EVEN BETTER LIVE THAN IN THE STUDIO VERSIONS OF THEIR SONGS. It’s mind blowing how real they are. At the end Ashton threw his drum sticks at the crowd and Michael threw his guitar picks and the towels they used to dry the sweat and a wáter bottle. They thanked us so much and said that they’re probably coming to Mexico next year again in a bigger place if posible. They rocked the living crap out of the stage and I couldn’t be prouder because you know you’re succesfull when you come from the other side of the world at the age of 18 and sold out 2 dates IN MEXICO CITY. I feel like a proud mom. So yeah, I had an amazing time and everyone should know what’s like to see 5SOS live. Produced by and co-written by Jason Evigan , Jon Bellion , and Pete Nappi , the single marks the 3rd track off their fifth studio album 5SOS5, which will be released independently in partnership with BMG on September 23rd.

The group consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Luke Hemmings, lead guitarist Michael Clifford, bassist Calum Hood, and drummer Ashton Irwin. Originally beginning their career as YouTube celebrities, they rose to international fame while touring with English-Irish boy band One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour. Since 2014, 5 Seconds of Summer have sold more than 10 million albums, sold over 2 million concert tickets worldwide, and the band’s songs streams surpass 7 billion, making them one of the most successful Australian musical acts in history. On 27 March 2020, the band released their fourth studio album Calm. The album was a commercial success and received generally positive reviews from critics who praised the band’s artistic growth and maturity. The album charted in more than 25 countries on numerous charts, and debuted atop the charts at number one in Australia, the UK and Scotland.

The pair first started dating in 2016 and celebrated their five-year anniversary January 2021. Who is your favourite member of the band though and which one would be your boyfriend? Would Ashton be your perfect man or would Michael be more suited to you? There’s only one way to learn the answer as to which 5SOS guy would date you and that’s with our scientific quiz. The scientific approach eventually produced Youngblood – a bright, shiny pop record that retains the band’s early, punkish ethos.

I’m so happy that I recorded this so everytime I’m sad, I’m just gonna watch the video! My personal highlight of the concert was to hear Jet Black Heart live because that’s my favorite song by 5sos. Especially the lyrics “The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes.” mean a lot to me because I made a lot of mistakes in my life but without these mistakes, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 5 Seconds of Summer are a four piece Australian pop rock band that formed in Sydney, Australia in 2011.

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