Violacea, the results once more mirror the next fractionation price within the T. Surprisingly, after we seemed further into a bunch of forty three C. Violacea genes from gene families which are recognized to encode key enzymes and transporters involved in the C4 biochemical reactions between M and BS cells in G. Gynandra (van den Bergh et al., 2014; Rao and Dixon, 2016; Huang et al., 2021), an altered distribution was noticed within the G. Gynandra genome (Figure 6C and Supplemental Data Set 4).

The influence of gene retention and gene duplication on the evolution of c4 photosynthesis in cleomaceae

We used the restriction enzyme‐free Dovetail® Omni‐C® Kit (Cantata Bio, Scotts Valley, CA, USA) to construct a Hi‐C library. Young leaves (1–2 weeks old) have been collected and used as beginning materials for the development of the Hi‐C library following the Omni‐C™ proximity ligation protocol for non‐mammalian samples model 1.0. Briefly, 300 mg of flash‐frozen leaf tissue was floor into a nice powder in liquid nitrogen. Next, the chromatin was crosslinked in formaldehyde. The crosslinking answer containing nuclei was washed and filtered via a Steriflip® filter 20‐μm unit (Millipore, Burlington, MA, USA) to take away cell debris. In situ nuclease digestion was carried out according to the protocol.

Library building, sequencing, and genome assembly of g. gynandra

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Identification of repetitive elements and genes prediction

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Genome synteny and duplication analyses

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